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At Sunrise, we give you a no nonsense price there and then, if your in a relationship or a joint owner of the property we don’t require you both to be present for the quotation unlike other companies and their policies, we recognise that people are capable of making decisions of their own free will or alternatively are able to discuss it freely with their partner whether they are present for the appointment or not. At Sunrise you are free to come back to us in your time.

 At Sunrise you are in complete control of everything, as a customer you get exactly what’s been asked for, a free quotation without any obligation that’s fixed and valid for 12 months.

We do not employ commission only high pressure sales representatives, neither is there a pyramid system of people in place each taking a slice of commission forming the basis of your quotation.

At Sunrise what we guarantee is a fantastic product at an affordable price, it’s all about getting the balance right, fitted with a 10 year unconditional guarantee.

Because Sunrise is a family based business it’s core customer base is taken from recommendations, these are generally from people that have seen our work fitted in their own area.

For this reason any discounts are always passed on directly to the customer, so if you are kind enough to allow us to take some before and after photographs and perhaps allow us also to place a small advertising board of our work on your property then these benefits will be passed on to yourselves.

Also from time to time as a company we tend to target certain areas geographically to promote Sunrise and it’s services, therefore the more installations we do centralised in the one area it saves us as a company time and money, those additional benefits are passed on to our customers. Be assured, if you choose Sunrise Installations, it’s a choice that you have made, not somebody else, and that choice is the right one for you.